Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I Am 'Choleric'........What Are You?

OK lets get one thing straight; No one in their right mind is going to come to you and ask you that question right away? 'Who cares'? That's the jibe you are bound to give them and walk away. But if are of intellectual bent, someday, sometime you are bound to ask yourself that and to others as well. Now i am not going to go into details as to how it originated and how its existence is met with approval or disapproval. I will just point out the 4 main types that are there. Everyone's different as they say but i will go on to add that despite people being different they are also similar to a certain extent.


'Ah Bliss!! :)'-That's the key word for those having this happy go lucky temperament.
Their personality is optimistic and extroverted.These guys make it 'rock' at social gatherings, and make new friends easily and also tend to be quite loud. Strangely,they can also be very sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful. Go figure! One classic quality they have is their struggle of following tasks all the way through, and are often chronically late, and are quite forgetful and sometimes sarcastic.They will often be seen having a new hobby,and then lose interest rapidly once it ceases to be 'fun'. They are talkative and not shy. They make excellent friends but the problem is here again like before: They lose interest. You can't be sure you will be on their radar for so long unless you have something of a larger than life attitude about you which attracts them no end. Finally, they are also filled with lust. Yes you read that right. Lust. They will forget they have wives and children at home once they are ensnared by a pretty hot and suave lady passing across them. Hmmmm...

'Stop Me If You Can'-What a temperament to have!! This one suits a general, a military high ranking officer,a murderous person on a rampage or at the best, a self made person. Once they set their eyes on someone or something,its done deal.No looking back. They are ever bursting full of ambition,passion and generally are of hot tempered disposition. They are go getters and their emotions are powerful and in control-most of the times that is.They don't give a 'rats' of anyones opinions about them and forge ahead like a woman scorned.
Their intensity shines bright like 34 degrees sun at midday and you dare not cross their paths intentionally. They talk less and harm more.


'I Am A Stinker And No one Loves Me :('-Eh,thats not me saying.Thats the typical person born under that temperament saying that. Honestly speaking,these guys make the worlds best poets,drama kings and queens and of course cry babies. They are very sensitive folks and emotional emotional as well. They are also very creative and make good artists dues to their strong imagination.They worry a lot and 80% of what they worry never ever materializes.They know that very well yet cant seem to help themselves out of it. There is a reason behind that. Everything and everyones is connected with them. They will never imagine a thought without them in it. Every little word and action about them is weighed and taken into account by them.A melancholic is also often a perfectionist. need i say anymore??


'Oh Mother Nature,I Love You And All The Money In The World ;)' You got a clear picture about them now don't you? Basically, they are too self-content and kind. They can be very accepting and affectionate. They are also shy and often love stability to uncertainty and change. They are stable like a bull, relaxed, rational, curious, and observant, making them good administrators. However they can also be very passive-aggressive.In other words, they can be political with you :)

So there you have it-A brief run in of the various personalities everyone has. Mind you, you are blended with one or more of the temperaments. You can't be perfect c'mon!! ;) I have Choleric and Meloncholy (yeah i know what you thinking) The question is: What temperament are you??

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